Lists of Asexual celebrities usually focus on entertainers. Many of the famous people who appear on these lists are too dead to either confirm or deny these rumors. Emilie Autumn, Paula Poundstone and a few other artists compose the list of living celebrities. Making a list of famous asexual entertainers seems strange in some ways. It would be more important to identify the leaders within the asexual community. A helpful list, but not necessarily a complete one, is compiled below.

David Jay. Jay founded AVEN in 2001 and became the poster boy for the Asexual community. He continues his work as an activist and an asexual educator. Nationally syndicated talk shows have featured Jay on several occasions.

Sara Beth Brooks. Brooks started the Asexual Awareness Week committee. The AAW committee conducted several events on college campuses in the U.S. and the U.K. last year. The plans for AAW 2012 have not yet been announced.

Swankivy. Swankivy appeared in the (A)sexual documentary. Her snarky videos introduce asexual issues to cynics and skeptics.

Andrew Hinderliter. Hinderliter maintains a bibliography of existing research about asexuality. He also serves as the AVEN project team’s research coordinator.

Dallas Bryson. The asexual sexologist belongs on this list even if the reader has never heard of her.

Shula Asher Silberstein. Silberstein is one of the few asexual novelists working at the moment.

Regina M. Wright. Wright operates the Bloomington Aces and Allies group. She also proposed the asexuality panel that will take place at the NWSA 2012 conference.

Michael Dore. Dore is AVEN’s UK media contact.

T. Henrik Anttonen* and Vlad Draculea. The A Life Podcast covers many different asexual issues. Silk, cheerleaders, and a dislike of children are often discussed on the podcast.

*Henrik is from Finland and his name is spelled this way.


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