Novelist James Friel examines prejudice against single people (Video)

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James Friel did not pen a column aboutasexuality today, but he did address the issue of being single. He rails against the prejudice couples show toward single people in an article that appeared on the BBC website.

Friel believed that other people did not care about his single status, but his opinion changed after he attended several dinner parties and other social events. He did not mention the sexual elephant in the room in his column, but the act of intercourse was omnipresent in his text. This act is the sole reason for the closest male and female relationship in the minds of many people.

Friel chronicles the problems of singledom for humanity’s distaff side. Carol Clewlow, one of Friel’s colleages, wrote a novel called “Spinsta.” Publishers enthusiastically embraced her book, but book sellers did not. Booksellers wanted her to change the novel’s title. They felt the word had negative connotations. Clewlow’s book did see publication, but the booksellers changed its name. It reached bookstore shelves as “Not Married, Not Bothered.”

As every asexual person knows, not all singles are asexual, and not all asexuals are single. When a person shows up at a social event without a partner on his or her arm, the partnerless person is always asked awkward questions about why the partnerless person is single.


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