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Single people over 30 with no children?

Do you know many people (single or in a relationship) who are over 30 with no children.What are the odds? for example say 2 to 1, being 2 people having a child for every 1 person having none.

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isn’t a fact now more and more homes are lived in by people on their own,over 30%.. It’s an increasing trend, I know 7 people off hand, myself included who are over 30 and have no children, and that’s only women I am thinking about.Being married and settled isn’t a big thrill to every one. And having children while very rewarding isn’t a choice for all either.
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  • Both my daughters is in their thirty’s. One is married and she does not want to have children. The other one feels the same way. Personally i agree with their attitude towards the reasons they don’t want to have kids but i am very jealous of other lady’s who are granny’s, i want to be a granny as well.
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  • I know quite a few people, myself included.In the U.S. most can’t afford to have children until they get into the mid 30s. After paying off student loans, purchasing a home, and getting other financial matters in order then it becomes feasible.Not sure about the statistics, but I’m sure there are great differences depending on location.

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  • Try the site above.
    After u join, u can specify who u want to find (people over 30) with or without kids.
    It’s a friendly site, and u can also date for love if u find someone interesting.
    It really depends on what u seek.
    And many have married via this site, it’s worldwide.
    I recommend it really:


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  • Me, I’m over 30, single with no kids. And a few of my friends are the same! And I’m not a freak, as some people like to think single people my age are.Not everyone is lucky enough to have met the man they want to spend the rest of their life with by aged 29, thats just life!!
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  • sure i have a friend in her 30’s who hasnt started a family yet…and she doesnt feel compelled to start any time soon…theres no social pressure anymore to start families early, when the time is right for you thats when you start, regardless of age :o)
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  • Well, if they are in a relationship it kinda negates your question really – doesn’t it, because they are not single – so how are we supposed to give a factual answer to this non sensical question
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  • well, i’m 30 no children, never been married but i do have a boyfriend of 4 years now. i do want children and marriage etc.
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  • Yeah I know loads, my b/f’s friends are in their late 20s, 30s and hardly any of them have children. I think they are either waiting, focusing on their jobs first..or maybe just do not want children.
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  • I am single and over 30.
    I have no children because I still can’t find nice girl who want to have a family with me.
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  • I am 58 and still single !
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  • single, well past 30, no kids, and happy that way
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  • er helllo, i am single and over 30,

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