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Is Asexuality Christian? Christianity does not condemn attraction at any point

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Published on Friday, 24 June 2011 01:07
Written by Lara Landis
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The Apostle Paul is cited as an example of an Asexual character in the Bible. The first century subject of the Roman Empire certainly did not understand Asexuality the way people understand it today. His own statement of celibacy and a statement that is sometimes seen as condoning Asexuality does not

Members of the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual community may look at Asexuals and see no religious oppression, which for the most part is true, no Christian denomination has put out a statement on whether or not they would welcome Asexuals. People only started to identify en mass as Asexuals only ten years ago. Religions, which often respond slowly to change, may not have noticed the trend yet. Even if they do, there is no guarantee that any Christian denominations will comment on Asexuality.

Asking if Asexuality Christian is meaningless. Asexuality is a state of being and does not have a religion. The people who ask the question are obviously asking if not experiencing sexual attraction goes against any Christian teachings. Which of course, it does not. Christianitys holy book condemns sexual behavior. Asexuals, at least those who have encountered AVEN, should recognize the distinction in this statement. Many Christians who are vocal about the evils of homosexuality and many members of the LGBT community do not make this distinction either.

An Asexual probably will not be discriminated against in most Christian churches. Anyone who chooses not to get married because of Asexuality may find that he or she cannot get to the highest positions in protestant denominations. Even if an Asexual does become a religious leader, many Protestant denominations expect their spiritual leaders to marry as an example to the flock. Rank and file members may endure nothing more than an occasional whisper about them behind their backs.

Religion exists to provide comfort and give answers to lifes deeper questions. It does not always do this well and many people still are not thinking about Asexuality. A few religions,  the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ have Come As You are Policies.No one seems to be worried about whether or not Asexuals are sinning. The worst that happens is the usual expression of pity. A few misguided individuals believe that procreation is the purpose of their existence. The person who is honest with themself knows there are no certain answers to any of these questions. A truly religious person knows they are better off asking God about these issues than they are in asking a preacher. Their response is just as likely to be valid.. (Note: Users can feel free to switch the pronoun for the supreme being if they wish).

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Shula Asher Silberstein(06.24.2011 (09:27:52))

PaulYes NoPaul’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether Christians are accepting of Asexuals or not. However, Paul was most definitely Asexual. See Corinthians 1 where he states that not all can be as lucky as he is and have no desire, and that he can remain celibate because he is not missing anything while others must marry because celibacy doesn’t work for them.Also, Christianity absolutely does condemn attraction, both in its book and in practice — desiring a woman other than your wife is considered sinful even if you never act on it and LGB people are encouraged to “overcome” their attraction for same-sex persons. Further, when I came out as asexual and wanting a same-sex partner, many Christians informed me that a same-sex partner would be sinful WHETHER OR NOT I WAS HAVING SEX. I have also had Christians tell me that Asexuality is sinful because I’m not procreating, which supposedly goes against God’s plan.

So yes, Christianity can be just as judgmental against Asexuality.
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Hep(02.26.2012 (20:58:09))

Yes NoI am asexual as well and in full time ministry, I cannot tell you the hundreds of times other believers have condemned and criticized me because I do not desire men – there is such a lust for marriage in the church, they put it often above God. It’s sad!






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  1. chozengirl2012 July 11, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    I feel ya! Bu I am to the point now where they either accept me or they don’t!

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