It is January 2, 2013

another new year that I have been blessed to see. I have so much that I want to accomplish in this year. First, I need a job, I will be starting school on the 6 of this month at my church that is a lifelong dream and most likely I will be taking cultural diversity. This will help me when I go around the world to those other countries. This year will also be alot of personal inner self inventory about me.

There are still alot of inner deep core wounds that I have from the inside. I need to go in deep and find out what really makes Crysty tick. I know I will begin to feel better. I know I need to talk to a counselor as well, because it just feels good to talk to somebody. I hav been meeting alot of new people, who I believe for the first time in my life actually care about me and have my same mindset about where they want their life to go.

I will also do alot of traveling this year, just to see the world and all of God’s creation. There are so many new,exciting, and different things that I would like to try and do but I have to have the monetary means to do it. I can finally say that I am happy and I want everybody else to be happy, to love to live to gain to prosper and be in good health for this upcoming year. I pray that it is a year of deliverance, healing, restoration, joy, peace, prosperity, hope, salvation and most of all LOVE!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “2013!”

  1. glenda January 3, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    that is so awesome. i am so proud of you for getting into school. cultural diversity sounds like fun and sounds like a subject that you would really love. as a child, you always wanted to go to paris, france or somewhere exotic… well, now your dreams will come true. all you have to do is apply yourself and the sky is limitless!!! go for it!!!! i will always love you! *mwah* gigi

  2. chozengirl2012 January 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    Thank you so much Gigi! Im sure you will come sometimes hopefully we can eat cheesecake in Denmark, rich thick, speghetti in Italy, and hot sexy summer nights in London!

  3. glenda January 5, 2013 at 6:02 am #

    wow! 😉

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