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Adam Mitchell Lambert

30 Jan

Adam Mitchell LambertHappy Birthday Adam! (January 29,1981)


Superbowl 2013! Who’s ready?

28 Jan

Superbowl 2013! Who's ready?


Crsyty with Tugs (*2008) Dogshow!

28 Jan

Crsyty with Tugs (*2008) Dogshow!


Crysty 2012

23 Jan

Crysty 2012


I am the WAy the Truth and the LIFE!-

23 Jan

I am the WAy the Truth and the LIFE!-

Additional signs of a good friend/bad

21 Jan

Good Friend

1. Genuine concern

2. know when and when not to over step their boundaries

3.A good listener

4.Independent (even in the friendship)

5. Prayerful

6. will back everything with the Word


Bad Friend

1. Can’t see your vision

2. Always have a negative view

3.Selfish/self centered

4. A taker and not a giver

5.Can’t receive the Word

If you begin to see any of these signs, I would suggest you pray and ask God what you need to do. The situation varies is why I said pray. Sometimes God want you to show a bad friend what an actual good friend is, I guess these are special cases but if they don’t and simply refuse to change, then you need to get out of it!

Top ten signs you have a bad/wrong friend

21 Jan

1. Manipulation (on any and every form, run!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out quick!!!!!!!)

2. Dishonesty

3. Disloyalty

4. lying

5. Deceptive

6. Try to change you or mold you to fit who they want you to be

7.Jealous of your success and triumphs


9.Never there for you when you time of struggle comes

10.Can’t demonstrate the love of God at all/selfish and unemphathetic