Who are we to judge pt 2

2 Jan

Happy New Year to all! My Grandma mentioned this article to me this morning, and I must say that I had mixed feelings about it. I felt deeply sorrowful, and angered. I agree with the Priest and I thought that that really exemplified God’s love reaching out to this person even though they died. But what about us as Christians? This judging and bashing must stop! We will only win these tortured and confused souls through God’s love!  I am so sick of these hypocritical so- called Christian going around bashing gays,lesbians,asexuals,transgendered,bisexual and all who may fall in these categories, as if they don’t have any sins to bear themselves! If I was a gay guy I would be walking around packing a Weston! Nobody have the right to abuse and marginalize no other person! These are human beings that God created for His glory, God is the only one that they have to answer to! Take the Keyboard out of your own eye first before you go and run with the quickness and judge or hurt somebody else who have a drumstick in their eye. Would you want it done to you? What if it was swtiched and all straight people were beat up? It still would be wrong, any  way you flip it,bake boil it,or fry it it’s equally as wrong! Now nobody has asked me where I stand with homosexuality but I’mma set the record straight right now.

I stand where God stands regarding sin!  I have nothing to say about it, God’s Word speaks about it all by itself! I love all of these people,human beings that I mentioned and will continue to love them! Will I judge them? No!  I stand where God stands when it concerns love! stop it! Stop killing these precious human beings that God made also! Let them have their right to choose, God gave all a choice!  Most of them know already that they are in error, let God change their heart and deal with them. No sin is nastier then any other sin Sin is sin to God, we cannot pick and choose what sin is most defiable! Just like when we were in our sins and some religious people still are. Drinking,drugs,fornication,adultery,idolatry,jealousy,lying,cheating,gossip,doubt,fear,foolishness,murder,violence, ,racist,gamblers,menbeaters, dishonoring parents,women beaters, judgers, religous,witches,warlocks,rebellious,stubborn hearted, grudge holders, unforgiving will all burn and go to hell as well and these are sins as well! Now tell God where you find yourself in any of these categories, cause trust me, somebody falls in one Christian or not!  Take that to the bank and cash it! Live your life for Jesus and be the best christian that we can possibly be for these souls when they come into the Church. It is only through love and Jesus that we will win them! Have a safe, productive New Years, and that is only a small list of sins, there are too many to pick out somebody else’s!


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