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21 Feb

“You whack as heck”

I think about you all the time

I try to fake what I feel

when I see you but the heart

don’t tell lies

it will not destroy

something it love

oit will not mimic

it will not give

what’s not from above

but your no good for me

I can see your deadly

and if I let you

you will destroy me

naw… can’t go out

like that gotta reach

the pearley gates and see my Savior

face to face

the great lie

is self- suicide

shady backstabbers

with their judas kiss

naw take your

caos back

I promise you that dysfucntion

of yours I won’t miss!

“Spider web sins” 6/16/2013

Relationships expire

they go sour

hearts are broken, deceivers and manipulators look to devour

You had me in your web o f  bondage your web of lies

a melodramatic high that low was all too low, deadly! a mirage

of a outcome never, never again I cant’ even began to begin

to tell how even now you have left your scar

my heart hard

a flowered stoned left alone

tired, bamboozled, never will love again

because your lust was sin

a game a spider web of bondage

the ultimate betrayl

all paradise lost!

not all innocence was taken

your sadly mistaken your sadly mistakes

a shot you’ll nedever have again

I’ll have better than you

someone will love me for me!

I am happy, I am finally free!

never again will I fall

into your sin

not with you

never again will I fall

into your spider web

no matter who you find

of who your with

they will never love and give themself

the way I did!

Peace out!


The power of prayer!

21 Feb

Mom: Hopeful signs seen in teen called brain dead

Associated Press

By TERRY COLLINS5 hours ago
Court ruling clears way for Jahi McMath to be moved
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The mother of a 13-year-old California girl who was declared brain dead after suffering complications from sleep apnea surgery said she has seen changes in her daughter’s condition that give her hope.

Doctors have declared Jahi McMath brain dead, and medical experts say she cannot be revived.

However, the girl’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, said in a letter posted Wednesday on Facebook and Twitter that she believes her daughter is doing better since she was removed from Children’s Hospital Oakland last month and taken to an undisclosed facility.

“Despite what people say about my daughter being dead and how I must be ignorant not to get that, I can tell you that she is much better physically since she has left Children’s Hospital and I see changes that give me hope,” Winkfield said in the letter.

She didn’t give details of Jahi’s condition or disclose her location. Jahi’s family has said the girl has been fitted with feeding and breathing tubes while remaining on a ventilator.

Family attorney Christopher Dolan said the letter is meant for those supporting Jahi and her family. He declined Thursday to discuss the girl’s condition in detail.

Teen Declared Brain Dead Released From HospitalPlay video

Teen Declared Brain Dead Released From Hospital

“(Winkfeld) is a good woman who has retreated to do what she wanted to do from the beginning: care for her daughter,” Dolan said. “This letter is not an invitation to reopen a wound but a way of saying that she remains grateful for everyone who helped her get her daughter away from Children’s Hospital Oakland to a place of safety and care.”

Jahi underwent tonsil surgery on Dec. 9 and began bleeding heavily before going into cardiac arrest. Doctors declared her brain dead on Dec. 12 based on exams and tests showing no blood flow or electrical activity in her cerebrum or the brain stem that controls breathing.

Winkfield has refused to believe Jahi is dead and went to court to prevent the hospital from taking her daughter off a ventilator.

Medical experts have said a ventilator won’t work indefinitely for Jahi and caring for a patient whom three doctors have said is legally dead is likely to be challenging.

The bodies of brain-dead patients kept on ventilators gradually deteriorate, eventually causing blood pressure to plummet and the heart to stop, said Dr. Paul Vespa, director of neurocritical care at the University of California, Los Angeles, who has no role in Jahi’s care. The process usually takes only days but can sometimes continue for months, medical experts say.

In her letter, Winkfield also expressed gratitude for the emotional and financial support she has received from people around the world.

“If I had it my way, I would say thank you to each and every person in their native language so they could understand how much I appreciate them for all their support and, most importantly, prayers,” Winkfield wrote.


16 Feb

“Coward” (Brighter days ahead)- 2/10/2014

What poor pathetic exscuse

you have to degrade her?

Deck her, beat her, and then

cry all in the name of love?


Oh, I see daddy do it and

mama took it, so now

I’m gonna crook it

whatever desperate spineless fraility

of a woman I find

I will make her confine and use genesis to do it!


So you say your the head

and call the shots but don’t

forget negro, I’m the neck that turn your head

and without my love, care, hips, and Godly direction

you’ll be clueless, a fat joke

with a 2 second erection! Coward!

Today I saw a woman get punched

I was distraught, I was languished

I felt her pain, her hurt, her humiliation

now that was a dirty sin that was and

abomination, coward!

So if I am truly frail

why don’t you treat me like what I am?

A queen indeed, tender, yet strong

not a slave or a second class citizen

but loved by God I do belong!


You use your manliness

to humiliate me

tell me do you think God is pleased?

From the white House

to the hood

no two minutes of a thrill ant that good

to New York in Beverly Hills in all

in between

those doors are closed and closed tight

but if she screams,, if she cry God will hear

dry her eye

I’m angry! I’m in pain for my sister

stop taking king those blows

my Mother

my gangsta boo

Jesus loves you

so much athat he bled and died for you

If I had a 64 Weston, I’d shoot your hands

If had a machete

I’d cut your maniliness

off to show you who

really is the boss!

You would live your life

in shame in example

to the woman you abuse

i’d cut your eyes out so head

can’t lead you to what he see

I’s scream in your ears every night

the name of the women you humiliate

If you a man

then be a honorable man

that’s not proving your a man


humiliating woman

don’t prove it!


punching the weaker vessel don’t

prove it, coward!

but only physically

we are strong coward!

We will move on coward!

The brighter day is comin’ coward!

and you will pay coward!

Someday I want to look you

in your face coward, just to say coward!

Meet me in the dark alley

with Big Bertha coward!

or when I rat poision you up coward!

when your huymiliated with no hands to hit coward!

now you look like me coward!

sistas don’t take it!

it’s not love

sistas don’t fake it

to stay in it

it’s notr caring or cute

sistas please don’t embrace it

it’s not love only death

sistas stand tall and strong look forward

to your brighter day from above

and your day to shine

and your day to thrive

be the best you

you can be

empower other women

Let the coward gloat and wallow in despair

when he comes home looking for you

take courage and not be there




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