4 Feb

“Sunday Brunch”

I eat bananas on Monday

cherries on Friday

Kamakaze cornflakes

don’t ah pay me no mind

I’m just tenderly killin time

with my fur machete

but enquiring minds

want to know who you really love?

I say mind ya busine

with my law ‘n’ order words

cold like Antartica

and deep like a freezer in Alaska

ya’hll can miss me

celebrate me!

don’t dis me!

sweep in front of your own house

judge not

lest you be judged

stand Mandela strong!

til the end son

better seek the Son

before it’s too late

don’t get caught up in this

jungle of a world

embittered with hate

win the battle

battle from within

we on a rampage

to anihillate and destroy sin

can’t shoot it, bake it, boil it, fry it, or

shank it

it must be renounced

forever, forever in one


kiss my grits, if I don’t fit

into your mold cause when He

made me He broke yours ha! ha!

heart of stone

eyes emerald- coffee

spittin out those snaps

like fresh, sparkling didas

9ers displayed, and that Sherman he on hay

Serena the renegade

no, nobody just do it

anymore like Mikey!

cause he shady

don’t be a shady baby!

smile in my face then cut me down!

but the jokes on you, your the clown!

Let’s take it

to the streets

so I can Rousey you up

and pistol whip you with the Word

or what about a Sunday Brunch esai?

or a Supebowl extravaganza?

you choose

you decide

don’t hide

don’t wear two masks with me

either be for me or not

miss me with all that other

fake- hypocritical rot!


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