“She looks like Johnny Depp”

5 Feb

Life is more than bedroom highs

and fall time kisses, more than a

multicultural weanie

so suck it up! Go get you

some sleepy time tea

watch the Nutcracker and grab

your black- rhimestoned beanie

She’s sick from the rain

and bruised detached from the

male cheavenistic pain

no more victim is she!

Strong, free, standing tough

standing whole

standing healed

Mother’s teach your daughters that

she can be what she wants

teach her to not

fit the mold of what a woman should be

Who are you to define me?

your not my Maker

so step aside!

Let me glide, into my stride

degreed,successful, important all on my own

strayed from my past- free at last!

I am not your slave!

I will not wear stockings!

I will not make your stew!

I will not conform, I will not stay at home

and maintain the standard

why you go astray and rape

the world with it’s false civilization

I will not say I do to you

I ‘ll stick it out like Wolf

debate it like Shreiner

fight it like Davis

Civil right it like Coretta King

Mike Tyson it with my words

No, I will not be quiet

I will not obey your petty man made riots

I am woman

don’t you forget it!

My thighs are not up for sale, my body is not up for sale

I am woman hear me yell!

I can think and make my own choice on who

I include in my life

I have my own mind

and perhaps you don’t like it

your bad! Suck it up!

Why don’t you on a diet

get a tummy tuck

and a brain tuck why you at it

Why don’t you go raise your

children instead of making them

and running away like a coward

and rollin round in the hay

I am woman and this is my herstory

this is my song

this is my salute

to all the sisters




salute out to the sisterhood

this is my bow

this is my focus

listen up!

Don’t ignore me!

Respect me!

I am woman womaned up

I am woman

every inch of me

every breadth of me, every taste of me

every width of me

every depth of me

I’m on my way!

I’m somebody, with something crucial to say!

I am tough as nails

have been to hell and back

when you hear my story don’t weep for me!

When you see my glory don’t hate

I am woman womaned up!

Don’t you forget it!

I won’t forget my Mama struggle

I won’t forget the 16 year old who’s innocence

was taken

through violation

orr the unloved abused woman

who feels she

need his love so take

the abuse

no, no, no excuse

stand strong woman! love yourself

respect yourself

look up for your Redeemer

draws nigh

carry yourself with dignity

and confidence pride

I’m woman

I’m womaned up!


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