16 Feb

“Coward” (Brighter days ahead)- 2/10/2014

What poor pathetic exscuse

you have to degrade her?

Deck her, beat her, and then

cry all in the name of love?


Oh, I see daddy do it and

mama took it, so now

I’m gonna crook it

whatever desperate spineless fraility

of a woman I find

I will make her confine and use genesis to do it!


So you say your the head

and call the shots but don’t

forget negro, I’m the neck that turn your head

and without my love, care, hips, and Godly direction

you’ll be clueless, a fat joke

with a 2 second erection! Coward!

Today I saw a woman get punched

I was distraught, I was languished

I felt her pain, her hurt, her humiliation

now that was a dirty sin that was and

abomination, coward!

So if I am truly frail

why don’t you treat me like what I am?

A queen indeed, tender, yet strong

not a slave or a second class citizen

but loved by God I do belong!


You use your manliness

to humiliate me

tell me do you think God is pleased?

From the white House

to the hood

no two minutes of a thrill ant that good

to New York in Beverly Hills in all

in between

those doors are closed and closed tight

but if she screams,, if she cry God will hear

dry her eye

I’m angry! I’m in pain for my sister

stop taking king those blows

my Mother

my gangsta boo

Jesus loves you

so much athat he bled and died for you

If I had a 64 Weston, I’d shoot your hands

If had a machete

I’d cut your maniliness

off to show you who

really is the boss!

You would live your life

in shame in example

to the woman you abuse

i’d cut your eyes out so head

can’t lead you to what he see

I’s scream in your ears every night

the name of the women you humiliate

If you a man

then be a honorable man

that’s not proving your a man


humiliating woman

don’t prove it!


punching the weaker vessel don’t

prove it, coward!

but only physically

we are strong coward!

We will move on coward!

The brighter day is comin’ coward!

and you will pay coward!

Someday I want to look you

in your face coward, just to say coward!

Meet me in the dark alley

with Big Bertha coward!

or when I rat poision you up coward!

when your huymiliated with no hands to hit coward!

now you look like me coward!

sistas don’t take it!

it’s not love

sistas don’t fake it

to stay in it

it’s notr caring or cute

sistas please don’t embrace it

it’s not love only death

sistas stand tall and strong look forward

to your brighter day from above

and your day to shine

and your day to thrive

be the best you

you can be

empower other women

Let the coward gloat and wallow in despair

when he comes home looking for you

take courage and not be there



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