21 Feb

“You whack as heck”

I think about you all the time

I try to fake what I feel

when I see you but the heart

don’t tell lies

it will not destroy

something it love

oit will not mimic

it will not give

what’s not from above

but your no good for me

I can see your deadly

and if I let you

you will destroy me

naw… can’t go out

like that gotta reach

the pearley gates and see my Savior

face to face

the great lie

is self- suicide

shady backstabbers

with their judas kiss

naw take your

caos back

I promise you that dysfucntion

of yours I won’t miss!

“Spider web sins” 6/16/2013

Relationships expire

they go sour

hearts are broken, deceivers and manipulators look to devour

You had me in your web o f  bondage your web of lies

a melodramatic high that low was all too low, deadly! a mirage

of a outcome never, never again I cant’ even began to begin

to tell how even now you have left your scar

my heart hard

a flowered stoned left alone

tired, bamboozled, never will love again

because your lust was sin

a game a spider web of bondage

the ultimate betrayl

all paradise lost!

not all innocence was taken

your sadly mistaken your sadly mistakes

a shot you’ll nedever have again

I’ll have better than you

someone will love me for me!

I am happy, I am finally free!

never again will I fall

into your sin

not with you

never again will I fall

into your spider web

no matter who you find

of who your with

they will never love and give themself

the way I did!

Peace out!

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