The dangers of pride( Next week lesson the dangers of jealousy)

29 Mar

The Dangers of Pride and Arrogance
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Feb 282012
1-Percent Tip by Huffington Post

I came across an article where a banker left a 1% tip in defiance of “the 99%” at a restaurant. According to his dining partner, the banker “tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server does not sufficiently bow down to his Holiness.” He also makes sure to include a “tip” of his own. This “tip” was to tell the server to “get a real job.”

Clearly, there are all kinds of people in this world. But it is the dangers of pride that concerns me here. Pride can happen to anyone, not just the rich and powerful. If we allow our pride to get the better of us, our downfall is not far off.

Quick Note: Thanks to the heads up by my friend Vishnu Virtues, it seems that the receipt is a hoax. This is good to know because the server did not actually have to put up with such a nasty customer.
What is Pride?

Wikipedia defines pride as:

“A loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.”

The following definitions come from


“A high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.”


“Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.”
Breeding Grounds for Pride and Arrogance

To manage pride, we must be aware of the conditions where pride can grow and thrive.

1. Times of Success

Repeated success can make one proud. After all, everything is going well and it seems that you can do no wrong. Over time, pride can get the better of you by making you complacent. This is especially so if good times or times of ease follow your success.

But bad times follow good times as surely as day follows night. As tempting as it is, we cannot assume that things will always go well. Such an attitude can cause us to be unprepared to manage a sudden change in fortune.

2. Positions of Power and Responsibility

To rule is to serve. But it is easy to forget this when you hold a position of power and responsibility. Power can corrupt and pride can get the better of you. Over time, you might think that you are entitled to certain privileges because things would collapse without you. Instead of putting the interests of others first, you may end up putting your own interests first.

But the higher you climb, the more drastic your fall can be. After all, when you have reached the top, the only way left is down.
Proud by Firehawk77

The Dangers of Pride and Arrogance

Having seen the conditions where pride can grow and thrive, what then are the dangers of pride?

1. Complacency

Repeated success dulls your sharpness and makes you complacent. There is less incentive to be alert and careful with your approach and methods when things are going your way. After all, if it is not broken, why fix it?

But here lies the danger. An approach might work for one set of conditions but not another. If you become less than thorough in your plans and execution of your methods due to pride in your ability, it could lead to trouble.

2. Careless and Needless Mistakes

During times of adversity when you struggle for survival, there is no room for pride. As such, your methods, forged in the trials of hardship and necessity, are the best. You would quickly discard methods that do not work and keep those that do.

But pride can cause you to make careless and needless mistakes due to a lack of prudence. You may trust too much in your ability or underestimate the situation. As such, you may not be as thorough or as cautious as you used to be. This lack of caution can lead to a disastrous turn of events.

3. Loss of Awareness

Pride can insulate one from well-meaning advice. The last thing a proud person would want to hear is something that cuts him or her down to size. The very idea that they can be wrong or make a mistake is sacrilegious. To utter such words is blasphemy!

Proud people live high up in their ivory towers. They are unaware of all that happens in the realm of mortals. When unpleasant truths confront them, they either filter them out completely or hear and see selectively. This loss of awareness will bring about their downfall sooner than later.

4. Alienate People

One of the worst things about pride is that it can alienate people. Making boastful claims or boasting about your success, connections and power will not endear people to you. Also, it will not do your relationships any good if you hog all the credit for yourself. Such actions will only create resentment and turn people against you.

Proud people often find themselves without friends or support. This state of affairs can hardly turn out well for them.

5. Overreaching and Falling

Pride can cloud your judgement and make you lose touch with reality. As a result, you might end up striving for things that you think is possible, but in reality is beyond your reach. This could simply be a matter of a lack of caution and planning. Or it could be a matter of timing. In either case, the result is failure because of overreaching.

It is said that pride comes before a fall. This fall can be fatal if you overreach, lose your footing and fall from the height of your success and power.
Managing Pride and Arrogance

Everything in this world is impermanent and fleeting. Nothing lasts forever and fortunes change constantly. So whatever we feel proud about will one day change as all things change. What then is the basis for our pride?

While it is good and healthy to feel pride in our achievements, we should not let it get the better of us. We should not let our pride go to extremes. Instead, it pays to be moderate when it comes to feeling pride. The Universe helps the modest to prosper but brings down the arrogant.
Taking Action

There are many facets, levels, and faces of pride, but wherever we find ourselves in this ugly terrible sin, we must repent and get rid of it. Remember, this is the very sin that got the devil thrown out from Heaven, eternally loosing his place in God’s Kingdom. Isaiah 14 th chapter.If you need to repent to someone do it, if you need to edify somebody else then do it, whatever it takes to get rid of this sin then ask God to help you. For God gives more grace to the humble and resist the proud. James 4:6
What are somethings we can relate pride to?

Five Ways Pride Can Get in the Way of Your Happiness
Subtle Ways Pride Can Be Sabotaging Your Happiness
s.e. Jones
s.e. Jones, Yahoo Contributor Network
May 11, 2009
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Let’s face it, we all have pride. In some ways, having pride can be a good thing, like when you’re proud of your accomplishments; or when you’re proud of your kids or spouse. But other times, pride can cause havoc and stress in your life. Below are five ways pride might be getting in the way of your happiness

1 – In the job market. For many people, there’s a lot of pride at stake in the work place. From the types of work people are willing to do, to the tasks involved with any job. For example, after working in a white collar job, many people begin to feel that blue collar work is somehow beneath them . Similarly, many people begin to feel after being in a job for awhile, that they’ve grown beyond having to perform some of the more menial tasks. The problem is, unless you’re extremely fortunate, it’s almost impossible to avoid being confronted such situations at some point in any job. And then, you’re stuck with swallowing your pride, or leaving. Neither is very conducive to happiness. The way around these situations is to ask yourself when it happens, if the stress or embarrassment you’re feeling is due to pride, or logical reasoning. Perhaps you’re being asked to pitch in due to a shortage of other workers. Or maybe your company can’t afford to hire someone to do the task required. Are others in your position being asked to contribute in such ways, or are you being singled out? The reason it’s good to ask yourself these kinds of questions, is because you need to discover for yourself if you are pushing back out of pride or because you truly are being slighted. Thus, your decisions will be based on logic, rather than pure emotion which will leave you better equipped to handle the possible fall-out.

2 – In your relationships. Quite often people find themselves fulfilling certain roles in their relationships. Whether it’s as son or daughter, wife or husband, or friend. And in fulfilling those roles people begin to believe that things should be a certain way. The wife cooks, or the husband makes the money, are common examples. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about everything, and when these ideals collide, conflict arises. Take for example doing housework. Men may feel that cooking, washing dishes and clothes are women’s work. While women may feel that it’s work both could be doing if both are working. The real issue here, is pride (though is some cases it may be laziness, but that’s another issue). Many men feel that performing such tasks is emasculating. On the other hand, many women feel that it’s the man’s job to keep everybody safe; to protect their wives and children from harm, and feel too much is being asked of them if they are forced to step into that role should their man fail. Once again, most of these issues come down to pride. Doing things that embarrass you, hurts your pride. Or being with someone that doesn’t live up to your expectations, works against your pride. It takes a lot of pride even to admit that pride is the real issue. But, once you do, at least then you’ll have a basis for working on things together.

3 – Your self-image. The thing about pride is it that it can have a tremendous impact on how you view and feel about yourself. It can affect your behavior with others, what sorts of things you do for a living, how you dress, the way you talk to people. It comes down to measuring yourself against everyone else, instead of looking inward and discovering the things that truly make you happen. Let me use an example. Remember Todd Palin? Husband of Sarah, the woman running for Vice President of the United States? For several months it was virtually impossible to avoid hearing about the whole family. We learned that Mr. Palin was a house-husband. He cooked, cleaned and looked after the kids when his wife was busy running the state of Alaska, and then for higher office. We also learned that he raced snowmobiles and worked in the oil fields, both very masculine endeavors. But the thing that really stood out, was this guy, this man, never ever came off as embarrassed about his house-hold duties. And he wasn’t afraid to let his wife shine in the public light either. And above all, he seemed happy, strong, and manly. In short, he’d put his pride aside for the good of his family. For his own happiness and for those around him. Truly admirable qualities.

4 – Interests and hobbies. Another way that pride might be getting in the way of your happiness is in your pursuit of your own interests and hobbies. Things you do just because you enjoy them and it makes you happy. For example, maybe you enjoy singing or playing an instrument, but are too embarrassed to share your fun with others and thus find yourself with limited opportunity to indulge. Or perhaps you prefer beer but drink wine to impress your friends. Or maybe you like making your own clothes but would never wear them in public for fear of being ridiculed if they don’t stack up against the stuff in the stores. The point here is it might be possible that there are things you could be doing, but aren’t, for no better reason than pride. And pride, at least in these instances, is something that could be pushed to the side, if only you would allow yourself the chance.

5 – Your future. Everything mentioned above happens in a timeline. You don’t do something because it embarrasses you, or you do engage in something out of duty or fear. Each of these little episodes add up. The more times you succumb out of pride, the bigger the load you carry, and the more difficult it becomes to break out of your traditional ways of doing things. The obvious problem here is, you could wind up living your whole life carrying these burdens that pride has dumped on your shoulders, and never be as happy as you could have been.

These five ways that pride can get in the way of your happiness are meant to cause people to consider how pride might be getting in the way of their own happiness. If any of this has caused you to think about the ways that pride might be interfering in yours, and better yet, spurred you to action, I hope you find more happiness than you thought possible. Lord, I ask that You help me to forgive all who have hurt, damaged,injured,or broken my heart through pain,rejection,deception,manipulation,lies,betrayl,distrust,and judgement. Help me to walk in Your humility and to forgive. I release them right now in the name of Jesus- family, so-called friends, children at school,myself, and situations that I could not change. From this day on, I will not look back and will walk in new territories of my life and it is a new day. Thank You Lord for forgiving all my sins, transgressions, iniquities, and short coming. I love You Lord with all of my heart and soul, You are my life, my Everything and I want to please You in every way that I can for the rest of my days. Set others free from pride and unforgiveness in Jesus name I pray.


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