Dangers of Jealousy

6 Apr

The Dangers Of Jealousy
Jealousy burns like fire devouring our character. When the flames of jealousy burn hot, rage is born. When rage is born, murder comes forth from the heart. Evil and wicked thoughts come forth and the end of jealousy can be very destructive to the soul and the lives of others.

A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rotteness of the bones (Proverbs14:30) . These are physical acts, but jealousy don’t stop there. You can also kill someone’s influence or cediblity wth your mouth, it is still the same it’s just using your mouth. You can lie and bear false witness about someone and tear down their integrity, positive image about that person, this can take place with family,friends,in Church, out Church.(Proverbs 6:19)

Say this simple prayer: Lord, I admit I am jealous, Lord I ask for your help to get rid of it out of my heart,mind,thought,family. I don’t accept it, it is ugly and displease You. I rebuke the spirit and curse of jealousy out of my life,family and off of me! I know it is working directly with Satan because he was jealous of You and used Cain to murder his very own brother, just like he used the Pharisees to murder Jesus. I know, accept, and believe Your perfect, infinite love for me was Your demonstration of sending Your only begotten son Jesus! Lord, I thank You for Your deliverance and love, in Jesus name. Amen! Written By: Crystal Sims

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