The dangers of Jealousy pt 1

6 Apr

In a world where material wealth and professional success serve as the benchmarks for happiness, jealousy invokes sadness and anger at others’ good fortune. When jealousy becomes consuming, a path of destruction and broken relationships are left in its wake. What jealousy fails to recognize, however, is that all gifts are apportioned by God according to His all-knowing wisdom. Alistair Begg teaches that jealousy is sinful, breeds a destructive spirit, and must be brought before God in repentance. Alistar Begg

Hello to all and welcome to Chozengirlbog! I am 3 years into this project and I feel pretty encouraged about it because I know God gave it to me and the purpose of it is to help others however they are struggling in every way. If people can just get past the diffrences on this page,they will come to realize that it is a actual blessing and a great help to any and all who need answers, love support, and just to know that somebdy out there cares for them. Over the last couple of weeks, God has been dealing with me about certain issues and topics to discuss an write about
and issues that people struggle with, families struggle with. The Bible says to confess our faults one to another that we will be healed, but we will not be healed if we don’t confess and admit where we are, Go knows and see our hearts anyway- we must come clean. These are major issues and sins that we can harbor and eventually it hinders our walk with God and not only that but will send us to hell ultimately. Pride, Idolatry,(Co-dependency can become sin)and the Cruel, destructive spirit Jealousy I will cover on today. Over these last couple of weeks, the closer I am getting to God the more I am being attacked, but I know it’s not personal, I know I wrestle not gainst flesh but against the powers of the devil. But he is defeated in the name of Jesus!

This is a very delicate subject to me, being victim to it myself for most of my life, but I overcome it with God’s love and the power of prayer, that is the only way we will win as Christians. Right now I have distanced myself off from everybody to keep my peace and my victory. I am learning to distance myself from toxic,stressful, and unhealthy relationships even if it’s with family.

Come, go with me, we will explore the dangers, origins,nature,consequences,decisions, and downfalls of Jealousy. Crysty


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