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I lost my Granny this month, she was my world.

23 Dec

It has been a minute since I have visited my own site, i have been so busy with a very new and demanding job, but just recently I lost my dear Granny on the 3rd of this month, I believe it was a stroke. I am truly devastated, and so is my family. Now I understand why God didn’t let me move away from here. I have to get used to her not being here physically, but I know she is here I just can’t see her. I know she is truly with the Lord due the dreams she had told me of last month. She was a true woman of God, strong in her faith, God’s love, and always was about her family, her children and grandchildren., she was also my Bestfriend I love you Booby so much and I miss you greatly. I know I will see you again one day.