“Remember me” Remember me for God’s love I shared Remember me for my hard work and for my family I cared remember me for my my meatloaf and mashed potatoes on a brisk, sunshiny Sunday Remember me for my wisdom God’s gift He gave when I prayed remember me for the heart to serve my life to share my military soul-mate remember me for the adversities I overcame and the rich legacy of faith I claim oh for Jesus’ sake remember me by and b for my warmness of heart strictly from God strong, beautiful right from the start remember me because I am forever free beyond the sky and sea where there s no darkness, pain where no one die remember me that I fought the good fight of faith remember me when by and by when you enter the pearly gates. In loving memory of my honorable and beloved Grandmother Mrs. Geraldine Hines Mother,Wife, Woman of God 12/14/1939-12/3/2014

3 Dec

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