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My name is Crysty and I am a African American female christian BiAromantic asexual in my early thirties. I wanted to take this opportunity to discover, chat,  and befriend other true  Asexuals or of any race who are Christians/non- christians  to share their daily experiences and encounters with others out there in the world, but I want this platform to be a place of safety, questions, comments, or just to find other like minded people like me. I have pretty much been an asexual all of my life and didn’t quite know what was wrong with me. But I am also a devout Christian and discovered that there were Asexuals in the Bible but they were called by another name- Eunuchs, or close to Asexuals. ( Matthew 19:4-6,12 Acts: 8: 26-40). We are not weirdos in a bad way but I believe we are here for another purpose to fulfill by God through us. I am preparing myself to do Missionary work all around the world that is my core desire. I do not desire to marry or have children. There are so many different types of Asexuals. But it is what it is with me! I have made the decision to devote my entire life and body to God for the rest of my life. And in time I will elaborate on other types of Asexuals and will attempt to answer any questions that one might have to the best of my ability. I will give Striptures and stand on them not so much my opinion. I ask for everyone to please treat this forum with respect, sacredness and professionalism when and if you are commenting or questioning. I will not judge in any way, I am not God! Please feel free and let’s make this journey great as we enter into the New Year!


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