No more somebody’s victim, but a victor

these are the days of platonic sandwiches

and stringed hearts of excuses pulled along the way.

But who made you or I a judge? In these subliminal

challenges and a dark world constantly declining

what do you do? You stand, having done all to stand.

Where chaotic rhymes and mllitary beats come every

one second into our regenerated minds, as if we are computers

in imagery and illusion dont’ settle for that fakeness, have your own mind, but no, I won’t settle! I will not be

molded into who you think I should be! This is me in the RAW!

Accept, respect, educate, validate, perpetrate, but yet don’t

ever miscalculate,because you don’t know me how you think you know me!

I will tell you what is sad… calling evil good and good evil

I will tell you what is sad… stripping people of who they are and

judging them based on choices they have made. And if you can’t

be true to yourself, then who can you be true too? Who can you be real with?

We take so much for granted, look around, reality check! God is our ultimate provider

I am not straight, not gay, not bi, not mono, not poly, not defined by your label

not defined by what you consider successful or brilliant

not defined by your view or your false pseudo- fake conclusion

so get over it!

2013 is my year! Time for change! Time for growth! Time to move on!

Time to let them go! Time to explore and find out who Crysty really is!

This is the greatest moment to seize the opportunity and the chance

to go forward, climb the invisible ladder of faith and do me!

Do you agree? If not, I don’t care! Perhaps you can join me

on this journey and in time find yourself enshrouded

in a time zone war within yourself on

your very own quest of your inner realness.

Time waits for no one, everyone gets older and wiser

Everybody have scars, everybody get hurt when they play

the game of love or any other game out there.

There are somethings in life that I know I will never

experience and I have peace about it. For so long

I have been in denial of who I really am but no more!

This is Crysty! Embrace her, love her, support her, understand her try!

When I was a child, I wanted to go to Paris and become a chef, that dream is

still alive today, it will happen for me one day. I will share my world with Paris

and my dreams, and my experiences. God loves His creation, God loves man

God loves Crysty! I have learned one thing in life so far, to treasure myself

and others. To be me, to be free being me, to love, to dare, to share,

to believe, to educate, to comfort, encourage, and build up all.

I will respect all, I will not accept everything that this cruel world

have to offer. I have that right, just like I have the right to be me.

Everyman is different in their calling in their gift, in their desires

let it be! We are not the same, our skies are all blue, but our teas are black

Stand strong! Never let another be little you or try to make or mold or shape

you into their image, we are not made in man’s image but God’s.

We must be happy and content with ourself, and not live a lie or a disatisfied life to please

others. I have learned that love conquers all, it’s about the love of God and reaching to all

to listen, to laugh, to learn from past mistakes not to ever repeat them again, to remain in God’s will

for your life, to be the best you can be! Because afterall, there is nobody else that can beat you in being you.

I had to let someone go on yesterday. It is their life and their fault that they are in situation they are in

at some point we must take responsibility and credit for something especially our lives, they are so precious

and we only get one. I say live it until you die out! Live the beautiful memories, the amazing hour in time that you can share with somebody else. Don’t take not one second for granted! Live your life and remain in God’s peace, make the choice

to be happy no matter what is going on in your life, and remember, keep your tea BLACK!


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