“Hollywood is Hell”

Today at 10:20 PM
The fixers, the pushers, gamblers,bashers, eaters,rejects
the White House\the slaughtered whore
the curse of Babylon
the millions up your nose
Hollywood is Hell!
“Come with me”
you say on the ultimate
cold love is free
I’ve had my share
They eat you up and spit
you out at Club 33, black deadly Tea
Suicidal Casting Couch
Tell me
how much will you give?
Face the music prick
die out a silly muse
get your kicks on route doom
Sold your souls
for how much you say?
rehab a sham
your comeback is a joke son
Hollywood is Hell
horse paintings
now that’s absurd
Quick fixes that’s temporary
No, I won’t bow!
I won’t bow down
to the devil
I won’t bow down to the world!
I won’t bow down to your pseudo-sicko
psycho machinations
only the fool has said in his heart
that there is no God
Tell me what’s your asymetric
butterfly effect?
I said Hollywood is Hell!
I know Hollywood is Hell
I believe Hollywood is Hell
and I will yell it to whoever
will listen
whoever will believe that these
secret death- traps exist
and in the end you lose!
Naturally and eternally
you lose and hell is waiting
to house you
to own you
to destroy you
What say ye?
Do you need more proof?
Valium, Dimerol, Oxy, the White Lady
Shall I say more? Sex, lies, deception
Aleister tales
dark days of red- carpet
poker- face Pradas
puppet master trainers
illuminatti galore
Hollywood is Hell!
Golden globe gremlins
Studio 54 gates of hell
Viper Room drastic drugs
of global disasters
and Freudian demons do
do cry out for help
but who hears? Who dare
to care to listen?
They beat the drum
we dance to it
but  who dances?
Hollywood is Hell
Who will rescue?
who will deliver?
Who will save?
Stained lives
Jolly rancher  watermelon
dead, cold, lost forever
diabolical demise
Hollywood is Hell
arrogance over- killed
image detacted
in the face of jokes
laughter and pain
A portfolio of nefarious living
damaged, golden long
Flexi- rod junkies
in bloom
Hollywood is Hell!
When neglectful lives
When tradgedies live
and reputations shrink up
like fish fry platters
Where do they turn?
Where can they go?
As the world turns
but their world don’t turn
only the calamities and self- destruction proclaimed
all for soul selling and fame
Hollywood is Hell!
and she enlarge and produces everyday
Alternative sentencing display
False idol worship
Love me! Love me! Love me!
Love me more
your heinous gruesome
necromancing ways
never settled the score
Beiber, Cyrus, Minaj, Gaga
out of control
they have lost their minds
they have committed their
Cannes prostitution
Dicaprio harlotry
bubblegum fantasies
Jack O Lantern energies
Scientology Cults
Sodom and Gomorah casting
transactions with valet
fake religious agendas
illicit courtship of divine
Whose eyes are
all seeing meet and greets
Demons skiing on
the dark hearts
who are deceived
Flirty fishing crazily
They refused to believe
the truth
so they embraced a lie
the Great deceit
Hollywood is Hell
The A- Listers
The Elite
wizard camps, sailor moon enchantments  Pokemon spiritual wickedness united
demonic activity
Politics, Musicians, Actors, comedians
When Hollywood sleeps with the devil
they produce the White House
Canter- house rules
deadly poison coffee drools
high from the influence
high Orginal sin
that’s where is all begin
horses with no heads
Sleeping with the enemy
9/11  attributes
Bin Laden- cupcakes
frenemies know
and treasure
that Hollywood can’t be measured
Dram Queen ghost stories
snake eyes allegories
they are evil, dark,
false, fake, doomed if they don’t turn
they dance with the devil
they don’t know it’s for keeps
burning infinitely
shaping of society
puppets of pulling
the secret Kabul
Bohemian Grove
will burn in hell!
embezzled, bamboozled
Captains of Hades
Summercamp chantings
neo- wave nazi damnations
Poetic encantations
Nixon, Reagan, snake voters
burn, burn, burn!
Let satan burn and his imps
forever burn!
Where there’s madness misery,
agony, and pain
Hollywood is Hell!
Who’s really to blame?
Poem by Crysty- 10/31/2013

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