“Midnight Blue”

The words, the ultimate betrayl

can never be taking back

the point of no return

destined for gloom, shipwreck

from the start what do you do?

Where do you turn? when all

the faces are laughing at you for your

stupendous decision and moronic


But never again, my heart will

NEVER adore, NEVER be won over

NEVER will love again

I will keep it for God

and my family. I will keep it caged

I will keep it stone,I will keep it

protected, I will keep it midnight!

No ransom, no bribe, no manipulation

no begging, no buying, or selling

will never get it

It is at the bottom of a grave- cold, icy sea

that is a million miles under my visage of a smile

Where ravenous ships come by night

and take you captive unwillingly

what will you do then? Who will

you turn to then?

Only God will be able to turn your heart

from midnight to blue; the question is

will you let Him?


One Response to ““Midnight Blue””

  1. untouchable4 July 21, 2014 at 11:12 pm #

    can a person heart be this hurt? is this possible? what can happen that makes a man or women shield their heart from the love of others. God love is obviously unconditional and man is prone to error no matter if its a interpersonal relationship or its a intimate relationship. injury is prone to happen to humanity because man is flawed. do we shield ourselves from live or do we live to love again?

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