What did you do for New Years’s Eve? I hung out with a friend all day then I went to church! It was spectacular!


One Response to “Soooooo…..”

  1. glenda January 19, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    mine was very anticlimatic!!! you know how people wait to see the ball drop? well, we were at a friend’s house and they wanted to find the ball dropping ceremony online (since there was no cable in the house). well, it was 11:59 and it still wasn’t found then kahlil had to go to the bathroom. i looked on my phone and said,”it’s 12:00 already.” kahlil said, “yay! happy new years!” then ran to go potty and i was like mm mm mm, shaking my head. this was super not the excitement i was looking for. can’t wait to spend it in sactown!!!

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