Thank You Lord!

Lord I am so thankful for all the things you are doing in my life. I just started my job on yesterday, and I will also  attend Kaplan University taking up Medical Assistance some time in September, but what will really be the icing on the cake  is when I get my own place and will be able to get away from my family. My family have always been my biggest adversity. I will get a way from all the lies, gossip,jealousy,mental issues, gluttony, and all the other sick problems. I work better in my walk, in my life and maintaining my privacy when I am alone and by myself. It is finally looking up for me, it is God and I.

I have just recently been hurt again, I won’t go into details but I just can’t keep tolerating abuse of any kind. Disrespect and controlling people, I choose and have the power to not have them in my life. I have learned one thing WELL in life, that people will do what you allow them to do. this will also manifest who they really are in character and in their spirit I think for now I will do me for now and get myself closer to God. I will bury myself in my job and in School and if I walk alone in life , then so be it. What I do feel good about is that I caught it why it was early in the friendship. I didn’t get too far in the friendship to get my soul wounded. I was in a friendship with someone for 13 years who didn’t value me at all like I thought they did.  It scarred my soul, but God is healing even now.  I am not saying a friendship is going to be perfect no relationship is, but what I am saying is that  nobody have to take abuse and disrespect from no one.  The signs are there if you pay attention. Never be with someone who is jealous- hearted or gossips, because if they talk about somebody to you, then they will talk about you to somebody else. Remember Jesus is a TRUE friend who sticks closer than a brother!


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