To all the Mother’s out there….

I just wanted to take the time to share and elaborate on Mother’s Day today. It should one of the most celebrated Holidays around the world, not just on one day, but everyday. My Bishop said today in service that it takes more than just the physicalities of being a woman to make her a Mother. Many women have children but are not Mother’s , and while some have committed to NEVER becoming a Mother it takes more than we think to be a Mother. My question has always been what kind of Mother do you consider yourself if you have children? I have to always revert back to my very own Mother, who I spoke with on this morning who is still living, I thank God for that. Growing up, my Mother was always there for my sister and I. I remember her love, compassion,selflessness,dedication and perserverance beyond the obstacles, adversities,hardship,plenty,lack,our wayward, and stubborn wills, she did not bail out on us.There is something about a nurturing and kind Mother, but above all, if she is Godly and loves the Lord with all of her heart. I am not saying that she is perfect, because no parent is, just like no child is. But my Mother was still right there with us. She was religious at the time, but the Lord saved her and put His love in her heart. I remember being in school and going through so much of my own problems, but my Mom was still right there with us. I watched her sacrifice her life, give her desires for us with no complaint. I watched her put food on the table, and make sure we always had a place.

I remember her making sure we prayed and went to church. SundaySchool in particular, which is why I have a great appreciation for it today. I remember hungry days with no lights, being homeless on the streets during the 1992 riots and yes Mama was still there. To all the Mother’s out there, keep on keeping on! Bring your babies to church, instill in your children to be the best in their successes and relationship with the Lord. Never stop loving your children, no matter what they are going through. Eventually, they will be who you dream them to be!

I always think about how even though my Mother was a single Mother, but my Sister and I turned out beautifully! And sometimes in two parent homes the child turn out bad. That is why you can’t give up, just by what you see, you must keep God first and keep praying it will get better! To my Grandmother also who I love dearly! Thanks for being the strong and God fearing woman that you are and my Aunt Michelle! Where would we be without these strong women of prayer and purpose? To all the Mother’s, God got your back! You can and you will make it! I can only imagine sometimes how hard it gets, but God is the ultimate Provider and He will NOT disappoint!


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