We are not Heretics!

Asexuality is a heresy, claims Liberals for Christ blogger

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As much as the Philadelphia Asexual Examiner does not believe in giving critics spouting nonsensical drivel, but when the religion of asexuality and religion comes up, it always provokes heated debate amongst Asexuals. (When does any discussion of religion not devolve into a heated debate?)
Amongst  Aces it is not how religion views us, but whether asexuality will be viewed positively or negatively by religion. Christianity holds celibacy, if not asexuality, in high regard, while other religions strongly encourage marriage. People who do not have sex are not seen as sinful, although one blogger seemed to think that the rise of Asexuals as a movement signaled the beginning of some prophecy that the author had never heard of.
The author of the Liberals for Christ WordPress blog feels  that asexual might spark the beginning of some movement where people become colder by the end times. The core of the argument, that Asexuals are emotionally colder seems to have a basis that rests solely in the imagination of the author. She never actually says that Aces are incapable of love, just that they are not as likely to experience love.
Unfortunately, the type of love that Jesus, Buddha, and other religious leaders did not mean sexual intercourse, and many religious leaders were celibate, even if they were not Asexual. The idea that Asexual humans somehow experience less emotion or emotionally colder than other people is interesting, but not one that would withstand scrutiny from psychologists.
The fact that a person who is not Asexual would tackle this orientation at all in a religious context is interesting. While the moral guidance on other orientations may be seen as outdated, no one has spoken about us. Will the religious community be accepting, or will it, like the LGBT movement before it, vary widely between religions and from denomination to denomination?
The fact is that the author of the Liberals for Christ Word Press web log is not any more of an expert on theology than many of the readers of this column are, and while his opinion may be interesting for its perspective, it is also wrong.

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One Response to “We are not Heretics!”

  1. chozengirl2012 June 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    We are not heretics! These ignorant uneducated people are putting this evil lie out there to make us look bad. Look people of the world, my fellow christian brothers, sister, family and all who else wants to know, let me make it plain, and say it straight , WE ARE NOT INCAPABLE OF LOVING AND BEING LOVED! For the record, most Aces are in relationships, or even married. The ONLY difference is SEX! There won’t be any sex on a Ace couple honeymoon, or from that moment on…. Love to us is not sex, it is not equated with sex in any way when we mention love. I love my Mama very much, do I want to have sex with her? Ask yourself a question…. if you love your dog and cat do that mean you want to have sex with them r hump them? I would think not right? My very simple point is this. For the SEXUALS have all the sex you want in marriage, have it everyday all day for all I care. As for us ACES we don’t owe you a explanation to what we chose. Jesus is not angry with me at all. Read your bible and find the nonsexual people in there. Trust me, they are there! As for me Crystal Gayle, I am not celibate, i am not waiting for anybody! I will die a virgin serving God all the days of my life! This is my choice, get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And why you at it, MIND YA BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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