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The Bible is the Word of God. Even though the Bible is the literal word of God, the context of the word from God may provide a different interpretation..In this context I believe that God was talking specifically to the creation…The Apostle Paul provides a better perspective of single hood. The choice to be single or not single really boils down to whether you have control over your passions and lusts.

According to Apostle Paul, it is actually better to be single because you have a more dedicated commitment to Christ and the pressure of family and that commitment do not compete with the single purpose of seeking and serving God.

BUT he (Apostle Paul) says that if your being single leads you to sin (sexual sin, fornication etc), then IT is Better to be married..

So at the heart of the matter is a) your relationship with God and whether He has called you to that kind of lifestyle and b) Your discipline as it relates to sexual sin and all its connotations..


1 Corinthians 7

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  • MikeInRI answered 6 years ago
    Generally speaking it is not ok.Good Luck!!!

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  • batgirl2good answered 6 years ago
    I’ve been single all of my life, too.You apparently have not read the New Testament at all.
    Paul was single and said that often it is better not to be married.

    You’re busted!

    You do not know the Bible at all.

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  • Tomodachi answered 6 years ago
    AS salaamu ‘alaikym , my friend.As a Christian, you need to understand that according to the teachings of your faith, the law of the Old Testament has been replaced by the teachings of Christ and, more specifically, by the teachings of Paul, the evangelist who some would say created what is now known as Christianity.

    In the scriptures of your faith, Paul states that it is best for a Christian to remain single, unmarried so that he or she can devoted all of their time to serving the Lord and ministering to others.

    In your reference to the quote from the Torah, you are citing the teachings of an understanding that it is better for person to marry so as to live a life more pleasing to God (YWHW or Allah Subhanna wa Ta’ala) as such helps each to control themselves and some of their possible excesses. This is also a teaching of Islam.

    May Allah, Subhanna wa Ta’ala, guide you on the straight path of submission to His will.

    Ma’a salaam.

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  • Herman S answered 6 years ago
    Sounds like you should be talking to someone at your church about this. Not an easy question. Hope you find an answer that you are comfortable with.
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  • Serena answered 6 years ago
    It’s fine to be Christian and single.Paul’s opinion was that it is better not to marry,even though it’s not a sin to marry.
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  • denise answered 6 years ago
    It’s Ok to stay single as long as your not having sex, it’s the sex thats a sin and being single.
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  • Homer Jones answered 6 years ago
    yes , unless you can not do without sex. so if you can live single and not defile yourself then go for it, God has Blessed you with the ability . but if being single leads you to sin, then I would say find someone , and if you read a little deeper into the Bible it will say rhe same thing . God Bless and hope this helps
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  • Like answered 6 years ago
    Christian religion is the kindest religion of all the rest, it would never offend anyone for being single or divorced. Of course it offers the best solution -family life, so live as you wish and don’t be criminal, that’s all.
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  • Olcia334 answered 6 years ago
    I think it’s ok:D Maybe you haven’t already found your “second part”, so don’t worry. Because “it’s not good for man to be alone”, but I think worse is to not be alone, but with women who you don’t love
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  • bigcat answered 6 years ago
    Its ok to be single, Jesus was single, but you don’t have to be alone, theres your faith, church , family and friends to keep you company.I have been single for along time and there are people in my life i love to be around but i find it hard to be around them all the time, to each his own.

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  • ROBERT P answered 6 years ago
    Of course it is ok.Marriage is not for everyone.You can’t take every single word in the Bible as fact. You can be single and not alone .
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