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Calgary Herald advice columnist responds to letter about asexuality

The Asexual Flag

Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons License
March 17, 2013

Ellie, an advice columnists for the Calgary Herald, responded to a letter she received about asexuality in her March 14 column. The agony aunt could not answer a question because the letter writer did not ask one.

Ellie responded by congratulating the writer on figuring out her sexuality, and she added information about the topic. The article quotes the definition of asexuality found on Wikipedia. The language used on the wiki mirrors the language found on the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network’s website.

The Calgary Herald’s story will not cause any controversy because the columnist only provided information.. Calm, rational responses to asexuality are becoming more common in these situations. The example set by the first commentators to respond, particularly the example set by Dan Savage, caused controversy.

Ellie comments are not likely to draw any ire, nor will she need to invite David Jay onto her podcast. If this becomes the standard response for advice columnists. They will not attract any attention outside of their normal readership.


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