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AVEN, AAW Form Local Alliances at NLGTF Conference

Cross-posted from Examiner.com.

The 2013 Creating Change conference took place during the last week of January. Sara Beth Brooks, David Jay, Swankivy and asexuals from around the country represented aces at the conference.  Brooks, Jay and others worked with the National Center for Trangender Equality.
The Employment Nondiscrimination act, also known as ENDA, has gone through several incarnations. Not a single incarnation has passed  Asexual Awareness Week continued to work with the Trevor Project. Representatives of the National Transgender Center for Equality approached members of the asexual contingent with a new draft of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act. The new draft included protections for asexuals.

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Ace Pals Offers New Asexual Social Networking Site

Social networking sites are not new. Newer entries to this genre mimic the features of Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. They also target a specific niche. Ace Pals is the newest such site for Asexual users.

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Please Stop the Stories About Harry Styles

Taylor Swift

If there’s one news story Asexuals would love to see less of, it’s anything about the break up of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. While peole who slavishly follow celebrity news are interested in this debacle, it has caused a void of real stories about Asexual issues. The latest story in this saga, which has virtually deprived the news media of the ability to report on actual Asexual issues is a former celebrity suffering from a horrible disease mocking the relationship of two celebrities that most people over 30 do not care about. Michael J. Fox has chosen to mock their relationship.

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Elementary Does Not Offer Asexual Sherlock

When CBS introduced Elementary, people wondered if Johnny Lee Miller would portray Holmes as Asexual. Anyone who followed American television for a long enough time knows that there are no openly Asexual characters. They also doubt that a show’s main character is going to be Asexual when a young, attractive female is one of the co-stars. Elementary has been on the air long enough for speculations to be made about the direction of the main character.

While Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock in a manner similar to the character written by Doyle in the BBC’s Sherlock, Miller draws his inspiration from a different British actor. Miller’s Holmes seems to be a non-medical version of Doctor Gregory House. It is not hard to imagine Miller putting on a white coat and heading to Princeton Plainsboro. A guest appearance by Lisa Edelstein helps reinforce this perception.


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Vice Magazine Article Renews “Are Asexuals Queer” Debate

Are Asexuals queer? Even Asexual News has attempted to answer this question. Despite a recent article in Vice Magazine, there is no clear-cut answer to this question.  Asexual activists have made in-roads to LGBT organizations.

Minerva, a member of the Tumblr Asexual community, probably unintentionally sparked another heated debate on the microblogging site. Heated debates are nothing new on Tumblr, but it has also sparked a mildly renewed interest in what it means to describe Asexuality as queer.

Asexuals and their Gay and Lesbian cousins have much in common. Aces find themselves trying to depathologize their orientation, an area in which they have had little success. There have even been studies showing employers are more likely to discriminate against an employee if they know the person is Asexual.

Aces do not have an affiliated political organization, but many people who identify as Asexual are liberal-leaning. Even when they are not liberal-leaning, they are less likely to oppose same-sex marriage.

Sadly, making inroads into LGBT groups is not an easy process. Transgender activists had similar difficulties when they made inroads into the Gay and Lesbian community. Despite all of this, conditions are improving. AAW and AVEN have attended the NLGTF conference, and the Trevor Project now offers its services to younger Aces.

Both Asexuals and the more vocal LGBT community members who are opposed to the idea of joining forces may find it is too late for them to do anything other than complain. Bridges are being built, and as long as they are not burnt they will remain in place.


Vice Magazine

Asexual Agenda


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The Asexual Friendly Therapists Wiki Exists But Attracts Little Support


A wiki designed to help Asexuals find Ace-friendly therapists exists. The page has not attracted much attention. The owner of the site has done little to promote it, and few Asexuals are aware of it. At the moment, the site occupies a Wiki spaces page and does not get much traffic. Even though the Ace Friendly wiki pages does not promote itself, it is a page that provides an invaluable service.

This invaluable service suffers from on key problem. Although it should provide a database of many different therapists, few people have contributed to the format. Because few people have contributed therapist information, it is difficult for a user to search for a therapist by location, specialty or other information.


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David Jay and Sara Beth Brooks Discuss Their Plans for the 2013 Creating Change Conference

This article originally appeared on Examiner.com.

David Jay and Sara Beth Brooks, Swankivy and several other Asexuals will serve as Asexual delegates to this year’s NLGTF’s Creating Change Conference in Atlanta. The founder of AVEN and the founder of the Asexual Awareness Week organization talked about their plans for the conference via Skype Wednesday.

Preparations for the event started in August. The organizations held a joint fund raiser to bring delegates to the conference in December. Contributors donated more than $3,500. The money not used for hotel rooms will be returned to Asexual Awareness Week and AVEN.


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Allen Frances demotes DSM-5 from Bible to Guidebook

The American Psychiatric Association plans to publish the DSM-5 despite the reservations many people have about the document. Doctor Allen Frances, head of the DSM-IV task force, has decried this decision. His latest criticism gives the DSM-5 a demotion from its previous designation. He makes sure that his readers know that he does not consider it a bible. Frances says it might be a useful tool if its ten worst flaws are overlooked.

Throughout the process, Frances has criticized the American Psychiatric Association for its lack of openness, the lack of science, and even the way the decisions are made. The doctor did not make a point of listing all of the flaws with the new book. He does not even criticize the book for its numerous conflicts of interest.

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