what’s on your mind…..

This is really the only place where I can truly be myself. Right now I have never felt  so alone in my life, last week I turned 34 years of age and I don’t feel any different but I do know that I am getting older. What I am saying is that people will not truly ever accept who I am or who I have chosen to be. It’s eating me, because I know where I am going wrong.  The minute I tell people that I am an Asexual Virgin, they judge and think that something is wrong with me. They don’t say it out of their mouth but their actions begin to change and their attitude towards me begin to change.

I think that I am learning a very important lesson, STOP telling people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that God loves me and accepts my choice, there are many people in the Bible who NEVER married or had kids it’s as if these people don’t believe it, but it’s there. I am in the process of looking for others like me, but I have found a world of non-christian Aces, but it’s not the same. So far I know that I am the only Christian Asexual out there. I don;t think it’s fair that I should have to hide who I am. The gays don’t hide who they are, straight people don’t hide who they are, married people don’t hide who they are. But we are in a very different category. I will not deny who I am! I will not conform to meet other’s expectations or desires for me, I will not go and marry and have children and be miserably unhappy to make somebody else happy! Everyone will have to just ACCEPT us or go crawl under a bush of ignorance for all I care!

God I know that You are with me! You won’t fail me or leave me, I will continue to hold to you because I am accepted in the Beloved! I am your daughter and You love me with a everlasting love!


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