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“The Curse of rejection” written by Ms. Crystal Gayle Sims January 25, 2015

26 Jan

“The curse of rejection”

What does it mean to for a person to be rejected? What does the word rejection truly mean? Where are the origins of rejections, and what are good and bad forms of rejection? I want to tackle those specific questions, elaborate on them, interject some personal experiences of rejection, and ultimately use the Bible to justify and clarify my points. I will also expound upon the curse of rejection from a relational, mental, physical perspective, the damage it cause, and how to get healing from God through His word. The noun rejection can refer to the actual act of rejecting something or to the feeling one has after being rejected. In other words, you might have feelings of rejection after experiencing rejection from others. The latin noun reicere which means “to throw back,” is the ancestor word rejection. Nobody likes to fee the pain of feeling excluded or rejected or thrown back, but the reality is, we live in a cruel world of exclusion and rejection.

But we must learn how to over come it . The word rejection became popular in 1931 when parental rejection was viewed as a motivation of bad behavior in children. The word found a medical meaning in 1943, as the physical’s body refusal of acceptance in transplants. Ultimately, spiritually the word rejection found it’s way in the Bible 68 times, mainly equating man’s rejection of Jesus Christ , His teachings, Doctrine, and Sovereignty to the origin of the feeling and sting of rejection through humanity. So to take it a step further and to deepen your understanding of this painful word, let’s explore and take a closer look at the origins of the word rejection. Where does it originate from? It originates from the Bible, you may ask yourself how so? Well, the devil actually known as Lucifer the “Bright and morning star” of Heaven before his fall, actually rejected God’s way of righteousness and order, and desired to be God himself (Isaiah 14:9-12).

He “threw back” or in other words, ejected God’s Sovereignty to be the Almighty and was not pleased his position as being head choir director of the Heavenly host. So after God had created Adam and Eve, and God had specifically given Adam the command to not eat from The tree of knowledge of good and evil, he rejected that command ( Genesis 2:15). So did Eve when she allowed the devil to deceive her through the form a snake, she also rejected the command from God( Genesis 3:1-6). They together decided to throw back , to not accept, and dismiss the command of God, from that day on rejection was born. Rejection come in many forms, this is where rejection origins came from. It was a curse from the sin that Adam and Eve committed. Medically proven it can start from the womb. If a Mother’s disposition is to abort a baby or give the baby away for adoption, that is unsubconcsiously remembered in that child and in time, when the feeling and the sting of that feeling is blossomed, it produces rejection. Rejection is a curse, but God’s acceptance there are blessings.

They may experience at home from their parents. Not ever feeling loved, or wanted. The Parent may no longer display rejection, but the child still feels rejected, or the parent may express rejection continually and the child will feel it. They then carry it into other relationships. On the first day of Kindergarden, they get all dressed up and is off to School, a new community, and new experiences where they just know that they will have a chance to prove and show that they are lovable and cool. But far from their mind they discover quickly that they are the last person to be chosen for a showcase of their new sneakers, or when they go to sit down at the lunch table to share their lunch with other fellow students, everyone leaves from the table because their sneakers are bright yellow.

These are the outward manisfestations of rejection of a young life, and if not dealt with right away, they will continue to carry it throughout school into adulthood. Never feeling loved, or wanted or not good enough for others approval or friendship. Mentally, rejections can cause four distinct psychological wounds, the severity of which depends on the situations and our emotional health at the time. Specifically, rejections elicit emotional health so sharp it affects our thinking, floods us with anger, erodes our confidence and self- esteem, and destabilizes our fundamental feelings of self- worth of our sense of belonging. Momentarily, we will experience and encounter mild rejection throughout our lives, but if a person continue to have consistent rejection, they can conjure up the conclusion that it is from them and that they are unlovable, and not wanted. They can believe the lie that they are forever excluded and is not good enough to fit or belong anywhere. This can cause severe damage of the mind and emotions, and can even cause the body to physically decline. Rejection can also determine and shape our perceptions of how we see ourselves and others. I remember one specific account of rejection in my very own life. At the time I was 19 and had just accepted Christ into my life, basically, I had became a Christian. But, there was this guy that I was seeing ( I won’t mention his name to protect his identity) I really was sure that he loved me and wanted me, to be with me. I thought that I belonged with him, I shortly discovered that he had another girlfriend, and did not really want me like I thought he did. This is the most common experienced of rejection, most people experience it from all angles and spectrums. Now the first thing that went through my mind with that guy was that I was not this or that enough. He didn’t want me because of this or that, or I didn’t belong with him. So many women have these similar mind sets based on childhood experiences with their estranged Father and vice versa, if it is not put in check, it can be damaging and debilitating. What does it mean to be rejected by a person? Simple, they are not wanted, they are not treasured, they are dismissed quickly, they are not accepted to be themselves or the real genuine them. They have to become someone else to be accepted by a Community, or even family. Mainly, they don’t believe that Jesus Christ don’t accept them either. Feelings start rushing in like low self- esteem issues, co- dependency, depression, hopelessness, and helplessness, rejection and alienation can lead to loneliness and ultimately suicide if a person don’t get it treated and allow the Lord to shower them with His eternal and perfect love and true acceptance.


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