“Deadly Wind”

She blew her wind in from the North

it was deadly and contained poison in it.

Never again will she blow in my life her

Tornado drama and Pearl Harbor

appetite for destruction, with hell before her

and  a train wreck behind her, now it is

beginning to dawn on her what she really had

genuine truth at it’s finest.

Unconditional love in the raw,

Loyalty untouchable

What more can anybody ask for?

Well, it wasn’t enough! Your bad,

remember, you reap what you sow!

So now I am sure somebody is blowing their

wind upon you vehemently, that’s what

you get when that’s what you gave, ha, ha, it don’t feel too good now that the shoe is on the other foot does it?

Now my heart is cold

towards you, never returning to it’s first glory, I have said my peace

when I didn’t respond! I “m out, no one will never ever

burn or break me like that AGAIN!

I am strong! I am stronger then I have ever been right now.


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