Happy Birthday to the coolest girl in the world….. Crystal G.Sims

I want to thank You Lord for allowing me to see a another birthday. I can say that I am honestly happy and so complete in God, I have all that I need and there is always so much more. Through it all trials, disappointments,betrayl, been to hell and back, I have still managed through God to come out on top and victorious in Jesus my Lord and Savior, I could do nothing without him. I am not who I was not even last year, I have grown tremendously naturally, spiritually, and through experiences that God allowed me to go through. It really was designed to destroy me, but God said no it made me less judgemental and filled my heart with love and humility, God rescued me because He have a great and big plan for me beyond what I can see! And I love Him with all that is within me, my whole being love Him and I am so blessed by Him it is sometimes surreal with how much love He have for me and He only desires the best for me! Thank you to my family, My Parents,Sister, My Grandmother, Aunt, my Church Family, and my beloved cousins, but in specific one cousin who have outshined all and have constantly loved me and been there for me- you know who you are and I love you for loving me!


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