Get it off your chest….

I have been going through so many things in the last several weeks, I can’t turn nowhere but to You God. People are trying to creep back into my life that mean me  NO good at all, one of my family members are lying on me and another family member after all we have done to help this family member, they still are lying and letting the devil use them, if that is not enough, my car began to smoke today, a pipe was un attached which could of blown my motor. I am out of commission until I can get it fixed. God I turn to You asking that You please  forgive me for any sin that I have committed and I am truly sorry!

Lord I need Your help, have mercy on this family member that I failed at trying to show and demonstrate Your love to. I put them in your hands and I trust that You will give them the help they need, because it is beyond me. Fix every situation, every lie- turn it around, every lie, false accusation, and caotic spirit that don’t glorify You! Let no weapon prosper against Your daughter! Make my enemies my footstool! I have given all I can give Lord, You know, it is in Your hands Lord~


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